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20 October 2009 | | |

Against Imitation

Chilean delegation warns not to “imitate Chilean forestry and monoculture model”

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Among the activities held during the Meeting of Forest Peoples, the parallel event to the World Forestry Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Chilean delegation talked about the effects of forestry in their country, after two decades of rapid expansion.

“We are begging you not to imitate the Chilean model”, said Rolando Díaz, member of Friends of the Earth Chile. “Instead of worrying for the safety of the citizens, the police is focused on protecting the property of these companies”, stated the activist at the Agronomy School of the University of Buenos Aires.

The Chilean delegation came to the Meeting with two lonkos mapuches, chiefs of communities, who greeted the audience with a mapuche ritual at the beginning of the event and stated that their struggles are joined with those being carried out in the cities and countryside, for the defense of Mother Earth.

Meanwhile, César Águila, from Cobquecura, central Chile, explained the consequences of large-scale forestry in terms of water, since 70 per cent of lands available are used for tree monocultures.

Arauco is the company responsible for the impoverishment of lands, displacement of peasants and water depletion. “One thing has to be clear: Arauco always lies, Arauco always deceives”, said César Águila in the framework of the Meeting of Forest Peoples.”

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