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31 July 2009 | | |

“A Law that Hurts”

Uruguay: Eduardo Galeano at the launching of campaign to repeal impunity law

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The writer said that in 1989´s referendum the population had to decide amid a campaign of fear, and had to join forces to achieve “full democracy”.

Galeano was one of the most welcomed speakers on July 209h, at the Paraninfo of the University in Montevideo. With his always beautiful and just words, he joined the launching of a campaign to repeal the Impunity Law, which provided impunity to the people responsible for the crimes against humanity during Uruguay´s last dictatorship.

“This is an infamous law which sentenced us to everlasting infamy”, the Uruguayan writer and journalist said at the University crowded with people involved in this campaign which will be put to vote next October 25th.

Galeano´s words were covered by Real World Radio, in addition to many other media.

“How thoughtless are the minds which confuse identity with domicile”, Galeano also said when making reference to the popular consultation, that together with the voting against impunity, will aim at allowing Uruguayan people residing in other countries to vote.

The campaign will travel around the country aiming at the Uruguayan people to vote for the “Yes” option.

In order to repeal the law, which subjected all legal investigations about facts occurred during the dictatorship to the political will of the Executive Branch, 50 per cent plus one of the votes is necessary.

Photo: Javier Calvelo (http://www.ladiaria.com.uy)

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