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3 de abril de 2016 | | | |

Mobilizations in Uruguay in solidarity with the Brazilian people

In several cities of the 27 Brazilian States and approximately 24 capital cities at global level, social movements and organizations mobilized in solidarity with the Brazilian people, chanting “Não vai ter golpe!” ("There will be no coup") The date is not a coincidence. In addition to being part of the agenda of resistance against coup attempts against the government led by Dilma Rousseff, March 31st marked the 52nd anniversary of the last coup d´etat perpetrated in that country.

In Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, over 600 people gathered outside the Brazilian embassy. Called by the union, student and cooperative movements, among other organizations and parties, the activists present submitted a letter to the Embassy expressing their solidarity with the popular movements and their comitment with the defense of democracy in Brazil and the region.

"The Coup attempt in Brazil today is not an isolated event. In the past years we´ve been experiencing the attacks of the right-wing, oligarchy and media corporations in Latin America. Then we have the coups in Venezuela, Paraguay, Honduras (in a Non-State that persecutes and kills social leaders), but also the destabilization attempts in Ecuador, Bolivia and again in our dear Venezuela. In the past times, the left-wing, revolutionary, progressive projects have changed the lives of millions of people in our region, and the national and transnational right-wing is reacting against it", said Viviana Barreto, of Redes-Friends of the Earth one of the organizers of the mobilization.

The Uruguayan central union PIT-CNT was another organizer of the event. Daniel Diveiro, member of SUNCA (the National Construction Union), said: "Today´s mobilization is part of an action plan of the unionist movement of Uruguay in defense of democracy and the processes under development in Latin America. Any coup attempt in any Latin American country is a coup attempt against all people".

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