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30 de noviembre de 2015 | | | | |

Images of the mobilization for climate in Paris

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in several cities around the world to demand governments to adopt the necessary measures to face the climate crisis at the UN COP 21 on Climate Change, that started yesterday in Paris, France.

Some international media have reported as many as 500,000 people adding up all mobilizations. Australia, Russia, Japan, Scotland, Malta, Spain, England, Indonesia, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Austria are some of the countries where protests took place. In another photo gallery published by Real World Radio we already showed images of these demonstrations from Friends of the Earth International´s website:

In this photo gallery, we show you some photos of the “human chain” demonstration that took place yesterday in Paris, where approximately 10000 people took to the streets to demand, among other things, climate justice. The gallery focuses especially on the presence of Friends of the Earth France.

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