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The ALBA Dialogues

Reflections on the Continental Assembly of Social Movements Towards ALBA

The communications commission of the Continental Assembly of Social Movements Towards ALBA, held at the Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandez in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organized a round table with four speakers.

The table included economist Claudio Katz of Argentina, Belgian sociologist François Houtart, Argentinean philosopher Isabel Rauber and Paraguayan economist Gustavo Codas. Katu Arkonada of the Basque Country was the moderator.

The round table addressed different aspects of the political situation of social movements, it highlighted the generational change reflected in the Assembly and the methodological innovation that is part of this process.

The panelists focused on the interrelation between social movements and the building of a counter-hegemonic grassroots power, as well as on the need for a new form of political organizations that contemplates the diversity of social movements in the continent.

Finally, the participants mentioned what were, in their opinion, the most important perspectives expressed at the continental event where over 160 people from 22 countries participated.

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