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United We Are Strong

Interview with Adan Cuadra, of the Irish Catholic Agency, El Salvador

The participation of victims and people affected by climate change in the upcoming International Conference organized by Friends of the Earth El Salvador, will be vital, said Adan Cuadra, of the Programa Trocaire in El Salvador. He said the aim is to revert the existing dispersion in the social and environmental movement.

The delegates will participate in order to learn and also to share experiences. This is a very enriching view to improve the conditions of the communities, said the official of Trocaire. He has been in El Salvador since the 1980s to support initiatives such as Medios de Vida Sostenible, strengthening the civil society, human rights and reducing risks of vulnerability.

Trocaire is the Irish Catholic Agency for Development, which has a vision of a world with dignity for all, where human rights are respected and the basic needs are met, a world with distributive justice and freedom.

Trcaire El Salvador is made up by different socio-environmental organizations. It showed interest in participating in the International Conference “Climate change, territories and social movements”, organized by Friends of the Earth International from November 5th in El Salvador. Real World Radio will cover the event.

The Conference is key to build the Movement of Victims and People Affected by Climate Change (MOVIAC).

Adan said “learning more about climate change is important for our lives, especially for the most vulnerable communities”. Trocaire will be one of the calling organizations.

Adan Cuadra also told Real World Radio that the other participating organizations are aware and committed to exposing the effects of the climate crisis and ready to propose real solutions to the problem.

This is why they joined CESTA-Friends of the Earth El Salvador in the organization of the FoEI event, where 400 delegates from Mesoamerica, especially affected communities are expected to participate, besides over a hundred international delegates from 77 countries.

“United we are strong. Unfortunately, there are many movements that are fighting to tackle climate change, but this is done in an isolated way. So this conference is a special chance to know what other people are doing, to know other peoples’ struggles”, said Adan.

“The conference will be important because it will increase our awareness”. Adan believes that in order to have an efficient objective we need to have a serious commitment, with common actions.

Interview done by Josefina Ramírez, of CESTA, Friends of the Earth El Salvador.

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