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19 de marzo de 2009 | | |

Alternative Ideas

World activists denounce water privatization policies

In the framework of the alternative activities in Defense of Water, which are taking place between March 16th and March 22nd in Istanbul, Turkey, the “People´s Water Forum” was held on Thursday.

Activists from different parts of the world participated.They continue joining efforts, voices and actions to face privatiation driven by the World Bank, and the World Water Council, among others. These organizations are also in Istanbul for the 5th edition of the bureaucratic meeting of privatization known as the “World Water Forum”.

Latin America was present in Turkey. Santiago Arconada, Venezuelan activist, participated in the People´s Water Forum.

Danilo Urrea, Real World Radio´s correspondant, talked to Santiago, who stated his opinions on this activity, which is considered as the International Day of Alternative Activities in Defense of Water.

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