2013 Special Broadcasts / Seminar Seed Laws

Workshop-seminar "Seed laws: Resisting dispossession".
On October 17-18, Alianza Biodiversidad, together with the Seeds Campaign of CLOC-VC (Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations, Via Campesina) met in the Ecogranja Yvapuruvu of Sobrevivencia-Friends of the Earth Paraguay to share the political situation of the different Latin American countries in terms of the imposition of Seed Laws and other forms of seed control. Activists from Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Paraguay participated in this event, whose aim was to build joint action and articulation strategies in the region.

  • 17 October 2013 | |

    ¡Ñamosêke Monsanto!

    International Seminar Opposes Monsanto and Agribusiness in Paraguay

    As part of the commemorations for the World Food Sovereignty Day, several Paraguayan social movements and organizations who are part of the Plataforma Heñoi are organizing a day of action to expose the negative impacts of the agribusiness model in the country. Read more

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