2016 Special Broadcasts / International Mission “Justice for Berta Cáceres”

An international mission travelled through Honduras on March 16-21 aiming to document and verify the conditions of human rights and nature defenders after the murder of activist, Goldman Prize Winner 2015 and co-founder of COPINH, Berta Cáceres Flores and the attack against Mexican activist Gustavo Castro Soto.

The Mission was made up of a representative of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, MPs from Spain, Mexico, and the European Parliament, a former Supreme Court Judge of El Salvador, representatives of important unions such as AFL/CIO-TUCA of the US, and the National Workers Union of Mexico (UNT-TUCA), as well as members of regional organizations such as Jubilee South Americas, Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC) and global networks such as the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and End Impunity, among others.

Real World Radio covered this mission, its meetings and the refusal by different Honduran official spaces to meet with them, as well as its preliminary conclusions and recommendations to the State led by Juan Orlando Hernández.

Friend of the Earth

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