2017 Special Broadcasts / 3rd International Seminar ANAMURI

3rd International Seminar ANAMURI “Seeds, Land and Hope” – Chile

This international seminar takes place once again in Santiago, Chile, organized by the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women of Chile to exchange and discuss concepts and community experiences about access to land, access and improvement of seeds and the resistance against the threats faced by food sovereignty. In a joint coverage, Real World Radio and the communications´ team of ANAMURI – CLOC – VC will interview the participants and share the conclusions of the seminar.

  • 16 January 2017 | |

    “Building our popular political project”

    Interview with Francisca “Pancha” Rodríguez (ANAMURI – Cloc Vía Campesina Chile)

    The National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women of Chile, ANAMURI, is carrying out its 3rd International Seminar, in times in which, according to one of its international leaders, Francisca Pancha Rodríguez, the global peasant movement is going through a path “from the simple to the complex”, “reclaiming what gives us life, land, water, seeds, strengthening alliances and building our own popular political project”. Read more

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