2009 Special Broadcasts / 6th Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity

Guatemala – November 15-19, 2009

  • 24 November 2009 | |

    Making Trouble

    Mexican government works to divide grassroots organizations

    The indigenous of the civil society group “The bees” were victims of what was later known as the Acteal Massacre in 1997, in reference to a community of the Mexican state of Chiapas. In December of that year, anti-zapatista paramilitary killed 45 members of that organization who were in a chapel, including children and pregnant women. Read more

  • 23 November 2009 | |

    Not this way

    The Sixth Week on Biological and Cultural Diversity ended with harsh questioning to megaprojects

    The Free Trade Agreements and the megaprojects destroy ecosystems. They also cause poverty, hunger, migration and delinquency. They exploit cheap labor and violate the rights of the Mesoamerican peoples, especially the native peoples. Read more

  • 18 November 2009 | |

    Transformation Struggles

    Guatemala: interview with Isaac Rojas from Coecoceiba-Friends of the Earth

    The exchange of experiences with the inhabitants of Guatemalan community of Yalambojoch, where the 6th Biological and Cultural Diversity Week is taking place, is inspiring for the organizations coming from different parts of Mesoamerica. Read more

  • 17 November 2009 | |

    Exchange plan

    International delegations share their experience in Yalambojoch

    There is a lot to learn in Yalambojoch, the rural community of Guatemala where the Sixth Week of Biological and Cultural Diversity is taking place. Read more

  • 17 November 2009 | |

    To sum up

    Mario Godinez, from Ceiba – FoE Guatemala, in the opening of the 6th Week of Biological and Cultural Diversity

    The situation of the Mesoamerican peoples who defend their territories is not easy. Only in Guatemala, 26 people have been murdered so far this year, as a result of the communities resistance. They opposed the investment for palm oil, sugar cane, oil, mining, hydroelectric dams and agrofuels. Read more

  • 17 November 2009 | |

    Liberated Territory

    Eight Guatemalan municipalities will be declared free of mining and megaprojects.

    The 6th Week of Biological and Cultural Diversity began in the Guatemalan community of Yalambojoch, in Huehuetenango department. The registration of participants and the coordination according to themes began yesterday. Read more

  • 13 November 2009 | |

    Rising Voices - 22nd Edition

    In this edition of Rising Voices we talked about the 6th Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity that will take place in Guatemala from November 15 through 19. We also talked about the threat that El Quimbo dam project represents for the communities living by the River Magdalena in Colombia. Read more

  • 11 November 2009 | |

    From the Territories

    Guatemala: 6th Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity

    The 6th Mesoamerican Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity will be carried out from November 15th-19th in Huehuetenango, to the North of Guatemala. The activity was called by peoples´ organizations, and aims at strengthening the defense of territories, and the resistance of communities against megaprojects. Read more

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