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The Other Agenda

Concerns of Peoples Summit and Evo Morales Arrival on Sunday

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Jubilee South Americas representative Sandra Quintela said on Saturday: “We are concerned about the main issue of the official summit: the investments of Europe in crisis. What do European investments mean for the region? They will mean more exploitation of natural resources, of labor, but also more debt”.

In a press conference of the Peoples’ Summit held on Saturday the activist said “investments in our countries are usually paid for with public money. The governments often incur in debt because they invest in transnational corporations or in infrastructure to secure foreign investment”, she added.

Quintela said that Jubilee South aims to build a convergence of movements, organizations and social networks in the region.

Shortly after there was a press conference to report about the visit of Bolivian President, Evo Morales, to the Peoples’ Summit on Sunday. There is a big network of Chilean and international groups that helped organize Morales’ visit to the summit, although the president previously expressed his willingness to attend, the Bolivian government told Real World Radio.

The chair of Chile’s Central Workers Union (CUT), Barbara Figueroa, said that Morales’ visit “is a strong sign that we are not all in favor of market policies, that not all of us think that the only possibility to overcome the crisis in Latin America or Europe is to promote market policies”. “It is also possible to advance alternative projects where sustainability, protection and respect for the environment, workers and organized communities is a key element and not just the growth rates that say little about the reality of the citizens”, she added.

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