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10 March 2011 | | | |

Still Waiting

Colombia: People demand return of Sandra Viviana Cuellar

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“Gathering for life and return and no more disappearances” is the name of the public activity organized to take place on March 11th, in Cali, Colombia, making reference to the case of environmentalist Sandra Viviana Cuellar and the thousands of people who are still missing in Colombia.

The event will include music, dances and strong demands for the return of Sandra, who is missing since February 17th. The activity will take place in Parque de los Estudiantes, Cali, this Friday, March 11th, at 2pm.

“We continue looking for our friend and activist Sandra Viviana Cuellar Gallego, who disappeared on February 17th. We are shaken by this, but at the same time we are hopeful that she will return home,” reads the invitation to the event.

“We invite you to meet and reject all demonstrations of violence and disappearances whose victims are men and women of all ages; for our city and region to remember those who never came back. And for our authorities and servants, who are responsible for our protection, to act effectively and allocate all resources needed to find the missing people.”

Meanwhile, Sandra’s family and friends wrote a public letter to the Colombian national and departmental authorities and solidarity networks and human rights organizations to express their solidarity with this case.

“At this point, without any significant developments to bring Sandra home and after a desperate search, we feel that the government’s investigations haven’t been enough, which is an evidence of the need to have better and more qualified institutions to solve the cases of people missing”, reads the letter.

And they add that this “brings the issue of forced disappearances in our country to light, as the warning by Amnesty International, the letter by six European MPs to the Colombian Executive and the message by Costa Rican President to President Santos asking for information on Sandra’s case prove”.

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