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Spirit of Social Struggle

The Voices of Victims and People Affected by Floods in Bajo Lempa, Honduras

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The Association for the Integral Development of Bajo Lempa (ADIBAL) will be a key actor at the international conference “Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements”, to be held in the Salvadorean capital, San Salvador, on November 5 and 6.

ADIBAL aims to show the serious consequences of climate change in their communities to the representatives of tens of countries in order to unify ideas, as well as to get closer to other social movements and organizations around the world.

The international conference is called by Friends of the Earth International, an environmental federation, through its local group CESTA-Friends of the Earth El Salvador. The event is also called by Central American social and environmental networks such as the Movement of Victims and People Affected by Climate Change (MOVIAC).

Central American grassroots organizations, communities and social movements will also participate in the event in order to share their knowledge and experience in defense of territories, building sovereingty and in the survival to socio-environmental conflicts in a capitalist system that violates the local peoples’ rights while it takes over their lands.

Tens of delegates of Friends of the Earth from five continents will also participate in the conference. Over 500 people from 80 countries are expected to attend. The conference also aims to coordinate strategies and agendas of global struggles, as well as to raise awareness about the resistance against transnational corporations in Central America.

Real World Radio will be in El Salvador to cover the conference and the different presentations, as well as its repercussions.

In an interview done by CESTA’s communications team, ADIBAL representative Manuel Calderón said: “the vision is linked with involving the people affected, so that we can raise awareness about what is happening, since they are the key actors and the most affected by the problems caused by climate change”.

ADIBAL believes the international conference will be the right moment to create a movement with the power to make significant changes, to strengthen the organization of communities and to preserve nature and the different ecosystems.

Some of the activities prior to the conference include meetings with the communities of Bajo Lempa, to try to bring the spirit of the international event to them. They hope to use the knowledge and experiences of others to expose governments before the public opinion.

Mabel Barrera, leader of the Amando López community in Bajo Lempa, added: “In the two days of the conference we will be able to freely express what is affecting our environment, we are learning to live, since we don’t know what future await us”.

The meeting of representatives of nearly 80 countries aims to make this learning experience richer in order to confront the current challenges. It also aims to strengthen MOVIAC.

Photo: CESTA – Friends of the Earth El Salvador.

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