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22 September 2009 | | |

Linking Alternatives 4

How the alternative summit in Madrid is being prepared when Spain takes the lead of the EU

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Next January Spain will hold the presidency of the European Union for a six-month period. In this scenario, the summit of heads of state of Europe and Laitn America will be held in May, pushing the European trade and political relations agenda based on the ’Global Europe’ document.

In response to this, the social movements gathered around the Continental Social Alliance of Europe and Latin America will hold a parallel meeting where the effects of the “diplomacy of transnational corporations” in Latin America will be reported, Adolfo Taleno Mejia from the Nicaraguan Social Movement “Another World is Possible” told Real World Radio.

The goal, he said, is to submit “an agenda of the social movements as an alternative to that of the transnational corporations and the political power”, understanding ’Global Europe’ as a doctrine of geopolitical and geoeconomic expansion of the European capital.

Part of the meeting Linking Alternatives 4 will be marked by the sessions of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT), which sessioned in Lima, Peru, in 2008, to make public the atrocities committed by the European transnational corporations – and their allied groups in Latin America – against the native communities, the workers, peasants and natural resources in general.

The Nicaraguan activists explains what are the expected outcomes of the PPT’s sessions in Madrid: “once again the bad record of these corporations will be exposed, they are the ones leading foreign policies in the EU”, said Adolfo Taleno Mejía.

“Honduras has already won”

He also told Real World Radio how the resistance in Honduras is taking place after the coup d’etat, staged almost 90 days ago.

The illegitimate regime of Roberto Micheletti is planning to carry out fraudulent elections on November 19th, so the movement of resistance has been intensifying its campaign against it.

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