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8 June 2010 | | |

Last Stop

Ricardo Navarro, of CESTA – Friends of the Earth El Salvador: we urgently need a change of paradigm

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The development of capitalism in the past two centuries has caused the conditions for the disappearance of human kind, therefore the most “urgent and important” task of the social movements is to change that model as soon as possible.

“That wrong paradigm will destroy us and we are running out of time, because the train is getting further away”, warned Ricardo Navarro, from CESTA- Friends of the Earth El Salvador, in the closing event of the first regional forum against agribusiness and for the peoples’ sovereignty of Meso America, held in Santa Cruz Michapa, El Salvador.

In order to face this challenge of changing the paradigm we will have to understand that the planet “is more than a home you have to keep clean”, for that reason Navarro says that the ancestral vision that compares the earth with a mother is more accurate.

If this capitalist model is furthered, the existence of human kind will become “more and more difficult” because we are witnessing “unprecedented conditions”. He mentioned the example of water shortage last week suffered in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “This is the result of the social chaos we have caused”, he said.

Navarro warned about other threats like nanotechnology, which modifies “essential aspects” of the life’s functioning. He also blamed the corporations’ aim for “profiteering” for most of these concerning phenomena and the economicist vision of “putting a price on things”.

“We must look for more effective ways of struggle to convince the population that the paradigm has to be changed, because capitalism is distracting us with nonsense”.

Photo: CESTA - Amigos de la Tierra El Salvador

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