2012 Special Broadcasts / 3rd Special Conference for Food Sovereignty

Social movements and organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean will meet in Buenos Aires from March 22-25 for the 3rd Special Conference for Food Sovereignty, which will take place before the 31st Regional Conference of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Real World Radio will be present in the Argentinian capital covering the proposals and testimonies of the social movements.

  • 10 April 2012 | |

    Right to Access

    Interview with Cairo Laguna of the Nicaraguan Artisanal Fisherfolk Federation

    Artisanal fisherfolk are reclaiming their rightful space in the agenda of the social movements linked to Food Sovereignty while they suffer the increasing privatization and concentration of fishing areas. Read more

  • 29 March 2012 | | | |

    Real Solution

    Declaration of the 3rd Special Conference for Food Sovereignty, Rights and Life

    On Thursday 29th, the delegation of Social Movements will read a summary of the Declaration after the 3rd Special Conference for Food Sovereignty. The declaration strongly reaffirms Food Sovereignty as a real solution to the food, climate and human rights crises that are affecting the region and the world. Read more

  • 29 March 2012 | |

    Historic Victory

    FAO Latin America and the Caribbean will start debate around Food Sovereignty

    The decision made on Thursday at the 32nd Regional Conference of FAO Latin America and the Caribbean of starting a debate about Food Sovereignty, as proposed by social movements, was celebrated as a victory and a historic landmark. Read more

  • 28 March 2012 | | |

    Worse than the Earthquake

    Interview with Fran Saint Jean of the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development

    Haiti, the Caribbean country that was hit by an earthquake in 2010 destroying most of the infrastructure and decimating the population and economy, is now the poorest country in the world. And in addition it faces not only the challenge of reconstruction, but also the challenge of the military, transnational and NGO occupation which has taken control by substituting the government and civil society organizations. Read more

  • 27 March 2012 | |

    Soverign Boats

    Artisanal fisherfolk in the struggle for Food Sovereignty; interview with Gabino Acevedo

    In the framework of the 3rd Special Conference on Food Sovereignty, the sector of artisanal fisherfolk has put on the table the defense of maritime territories against the advance of industrial fishing corporations in Latin America that damage fisherfolk communities and marine biodiversity. Read more

  • 27 March 2012 | |

    Pedagogy of Struggle

    Deolinda Carrizo (MNCI): capacity building in Food Sovereignty movements

    For social movements, the capacity-building of their activists is essential in the current scenario: from formal education to peasant universities where knowledge on agroecology, political analysis and specific jobs are shared for the communities and the organization as a whole. Read more

  • 27 March 2012 | |

    From Proposal to Principle to Right

    Mario Ahumada and the concept of Food Sovereignty in the past 15 years

    Four workshops in the Argentinian capital city gathered over one hundred Latin American and Caribbean organizations with an only goal: to reaffirm, enrich, and broaden the concept and the social elements that strengthen Food Sovereignty. Read more

  • 26 March 2012 | |

    Creation of Latin American Alliance for Food Sovereignty

    Conclusions of the 3rd Special Conference of the movements for Food Sovereignty

    Francisca Rodriguez from the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC-VC) assesses the results of the Special Conference of the social movements for Food Sovereignty. Watch video

  • 26 March 2012 | |

    Autonomy Tool

    Interview with Antonio Gonzalez (Maela Guatemala): Food Sovereignty as a set of knowldege

    The concept of Food Sovereignty is discussed and strengthened by social movements in every event since it appeared in 1996. The members of organizations of native indigenous people, peasants, artisanal fisherfolk and family farmers met in Buenos Aires to strengthen their political platform that has Food Sovereignty as the main concept. Watch video

  • 22 March 2012 | |

    Women Towards Rio+20

    Latin American women discuss challenges to be faced in Rio+20 Summit

    In Buenos Aires, hundreds of Latin American delegates are meeting for the Special Conference on Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Reform where they will be planning actions to take place at the Peoples' Summit which will be held in parallel to the Rio+20 Summit in June, 2012. Watch video

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