2012 Special Broadcasts / 1st Continental Assembly CLOC – Via Campesina

The 1st Continental Assembly of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Via Campesina) will take place from October 17-25, in Managua, Nicaragua, after two years of their 5th Congress held in Quito, in 2010. The conference will aim to update the political work of CLOC-VC.

This Continental Assembly aims to build the socio-political capacity of peasant leaders and activists, including women and young people, political alliances, updating the workplan, expressing solidarity with the peoples especially hit by the capitalist system such as Honduras and Guatemala, and promoting internationalism and recovering the mystic within CLOC-VC. In a few words: “it aims to respond collectively with strong actions to the attacks by capital and the empire on our continent and the world”.

Real World Radio will be present in this Assembly as part of the permanent and strategic work of our radio as part of Friends of the Earth International and in alliance with La Via Campesina, whose 6th International Conference will also be prepared at CLOC’s Assembly.

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