2009 Special Broadcasts / People’s Water Forum

  • 23 March 2009 | |

    Public and community alternatives

    Alternatives to water privatization discussed in Istambul

    The strategies of the people present in Istambul, Turkey, did not only restrain to holding an alternative forum in defense of water. These fora were defined as social movement’s and international networks’ autonomous spaces to exchange ideas and agree future actions to confront the policies of international financial institutions and their transnational corporations. Read more

  • 19 March 2009 | |

    Alternative Ideas

    World activists denounce water privatization policies

    In the framework of the alternative activities in Defense of Water, which are taking place between March 16th and March 22nd in Istanbul, Turkey, the “People´s Water Forum” was held on Thursday. Read more

  • 19 March 2009 | |

    Bad Start

    Demonstrators in World Water Forum repressed

    Turkish police officers repressed a peaceful protest of activists from the Turkish civil society, who were demanding the liberation of the control of water by transnational companies, in the framework of the World Water Forum held in Istanbul. Read more

  • 6 March 2009 | |

    Fundamental Right

    Everything ready for World Water Forum in Turkey

    The 5th World Water Forum will begin in ten days in Istanbul, and the Latin American movements in defense of water are getting ready to participate, denouncing the privatizing policies, mainly by the World Water Council and the World Bank. Read more

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