2009 Special Broadcasts / World Social Forum 2009

  • 2 February 2009 | |

    A Popular Program

    Stedile calls on revitalizing social struggles and generating changes through the State

    Joao Pedro Stedile was one of the social leaders present at an activity that joined in the same table the social movements and the Heads of State of Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. In spite of the fact that the presidents had been invited to the meeting by the movements in the framework of the World Social Forum, taking place in Belem, Brazil, the general coordinator of the Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil (MST), emphazised that they expected more from the administrations of the called “governments of change”. “You haven´t been strong enough”, stated Stedile, not without recognizing that there have been some advances in the framework of the progressive governments. Read more

  • 30 January 2009 | |

    Bridging the Gap

    Social Movements Share Space with Latin American Presidents

    Under a huge sign that read “International Solidarity. Dialogue on the Popular Integration of Our America”, activists from Brazil, Ecuador and Haiti shared the platform with Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Ecuador Presidents. In this unusual meeting held in the framework of the World Social Forum (WSF), activists and presidents agreed on highlighting the role of social movements and started to build possible common paths among them and progressive governments.- Read more

  • 29 January 2009 | |

    Right to Choose Another “Development”

    Communities take their rejection to mining to the World Social Forum

    EAmong the hundreds of flags present in Belem streets during the opening march of the World Social Forum, the multicoloured ones from the National Confederation of Communities Affected by Mining from Peru (CONACAMI) stood out. Read more

  • 29 January 2009 | |

    Defending Diversity

    Kuna Indigenous People demand attention on their opinion about REDD

    In front of tens of people who filled one of the rooms at the Federal University of Para, Marcial Arias, Kuna indigenous from Panama, explained the difference between forests and plantations. With a strong voice which reached every corner of the place, Arias stated that forests were a source of life, because in its diversity were present food, medicines and homes. Read more

  • 29 January 2009 | |

    REDD fraud

    The consumption of forests products in the North needs to be reduced to stop deforestation

    The 2009 edition of the World Social Forum kicked off on Tuesday with a massive march in Belem, Brazil. But the actual events of the forum began yesterday with different seminars and workshops. Read more

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