2009 Special Broadcasts / Regional Forum Against Agribusiness

  • 8 June 2010 | |

    Last Stop

    Ricardo Navarro, of CESTA – Friends of the Earth El Salvador: we urgently need a change of paradigm

    The development of capitalism in the past two centuries has caused the conditions for the disappearance of human kind, therefore the most “urgent and important” task of the social movements is to change that model as soon as possible. Read more

  • 7 September 2009 | |

    The Challenges After Nyeleni

    Alberto Villareal summarized the struggles for food sovereignty after the Forum in Mali in 2007

    The member of Food & Water Watch, Alberto Villareal, made a historic summary of the concept of food sovereignty during the Regional Forum Against Agribusiness held in Asuncion, Paraguay. Read more

  • 31 August 2009 | |

    Total Control

    Agribusiness is characterized by the command of key phases of production and economy

    MST’s Roberto Baggio’s presentation at the Forum Against Agribusiness organized by La Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth and the World March of Women Read more

  • 26 August 2009 | |

    A Peasant “Big Brother”

    Through satellite Simon Bolivar, Bolivia managed to identify 4 million hectares exploited and stolen by big landowners.

    Probably, the most shocking thing about the interview Real World Radio held with Miguel Lora in Asuncion is the way in which the State secretary in charge of distributing fiscal lands to peasants managed to “discover” four million hectares (that is 40 thousand square kilometers) which before Evo Morales´ administration were exploited by big landowners, and weren´t officially registered. Read more

  • 24 August 2009 | |

    Not in the Agenda

    Social movements raise need of agrarian reform as a human right and obtain space in official agendas

    The Agrarian Reform has been out of the official and political agendas for almost 30 years, but the pressure exerted by the social movements has caused it to be brought back to the centre of attention since 2006. Read more

  • 21 August 2009 | |

    Painful Impacts

    Interview with Pablo Valenzuela from Sobrevivencia FoE Paraguay

    The Regional Forum against Agribusiness which will start on Friday in Asunción, Paraguay, will result in the consolidation of a strategic alliance between La Vía Campesina, The World March of Women and environmentalist federation Friends of the Earth International, around common actions in defense of food sovereignty, in addition to an agenda of specific actions to organize the resistance of peasant, indigenous, gender and popular movements against the agribusiness model. Read more

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