2010 Special Broadcasts / Sustainability School 2010

La Escuela de la Sustentabilidad de Amigos de la Tierra de América Latina y El Caribe (ATALC) surgió con el objetivo de formar activistas políticos y sociales del ambientalismo en América Latina y el Caribe. Se concibe como un proceso pedagógico cuyo objetivo es organizar y compartir formas de análisis, reflexión y acción sobre la realidad a transformar a través de la movilización y la resistencia. Esta es la cuarta edición de la Escuela, y se está realizando en el sur de Brasil.

  • 29 September 2010 | |

    With Flying Colors

    Friends of the Earth Argentina and the Sustainability School

    The demonstrations and actions carried out on September 21st in Porto Alegre, Brazil, gathered tens of activists from different Latin American countries against tree monocultures, agribusiness and transnational corporations, and in favor of small-scale farmers and food sovereignty. Read more

  • 21 September 2010 | |

    NO to Monoculture Tree Plantations

    Environmentalists against “monoculture” in Brazil

    Several Brazilian organizations submitted on Tuesday morning in Porto Alegre a letter addressed to Environment Secretary and President of the Environmental Council of Rio Grande do Sul State, Giancarlo Tusi Pinto, about the different social and environmental impacts caused by pine and eucalyptus tree monoculture plantations in the region. Read more

  • 21 September 2010 | |

    Paying Attention

    Interview with Fernando Campos from NAT – Friends of the Earth Brazil

    Brazilian social organizations are following closely the developments around the presidential elections which will be held on October 3rd, amid polls that foresee the victory of Dilma Roussef, the candidate for the ruling Workers Party (PT). Read more

  • 20 September 2010 | |

    Death Blow

    Interview with Marigsa Arevalo, from Madre Tierra/Friends of the Earth Honduras

    On September 16th, Honduran social organizations protested outside the National Congress to demand a moratorium to mining concessions granted to transnational corporations, a policy that has become a trademark of Porfirio Lobo´s coup regime. Read more

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