2012 Special Broadcasts / Peoples’ Summit in Rio+20

Recovering our Future.
From June 20- 22, 2012, the governments of the world will meet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to commemorate the 20 years since the “Earth Summit”, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) which established for the first time a global agenda for "sustainable development". Social movements from around the world are organizing a Peoples’ Summit parallel to the official meeting, where they will denounce the commodification of nature in the so-called "Green Economy" and will promote alternatives to the advance of capital over natural resources, energy and agriculture.

  • 26 July 2012 | |

    Everyone’s Cause

    Palestine at the Peoples’ Summit: Interview with Adam Bar (Sons of the Land-Palestine)

    The Palestinian people’s demand for territorial rights, the report of the aggressive occupation that the Israeli state is carrying out with the US support and the countless human rights violations in Palestine were all key issues of discussion during the Peoples’ Summit in Rio+20. Read more

  • 4 July 2012 | | |

    Building a New Economy

    More voices at women’s demonstration in Rio

    One of the highlights of the Peoples Summit that took place from June 15-23 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in parallel to the UN conference on sustainable development (Rio+20) was the massive mobilization organized by feminist organizations which was carried out on June 18th. Read more

  • 25 June 2012 | |


    Interview with Daniel Ortega, Ecuadorian negotiator at Rio+20 summit

    Daniel Ortega is Environment and Climate Change Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador. At the UN Conference taking place in Rio de Janeiro, he was interviewed by Real World Radio with reference to the final stage of the negotiations. Read more

  • 25 June 2012 | |

    Condemned Rio+20

    Friends of the Earth International’s opinions after UN Conference on Sustainable Development

    Friends of the Earth International strongly condemned world leaders for selling out people and the planet in their Rio+20 declaration which falls way short of the action needed to tackle the planetary crisis we face, and does not include any of the real solutions demanded by the people at the alternative Peoples Summit. Read more

  • 23 June 2012 | |

    Peoples’ Dialogue

    People’s Summit Closing Press Conference

    The Peoples' Summit ended on Friday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a press conference similar to the plenary sessions and assemblies organized in the past days and it ended in a « people's dialogue » with the media. Read more

  • 23 June 2012 | |

    Confronting Agribusiness

    La Via Campesina Mobilization in Brazil Takes Voices of the Movements to Brazilian Agribusiness

    On Thursday morning the streets of Rio de Janeiro had a different color : A historical day of mobilization of different organizations made their voices heard at the stand of one of the largest Brazilian corporations committed to expel the peasants from the rural areas in Brazil : the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA). Watch video

  • 22 June 2012 | |


    Business lobby at the UN negotiations

    Paul de Clerck, Corporates Campaign Coordinator with Friends of the Earth International, explains how business lobby groups work to influence the Rio+20 Summit and use the UN to greenwash unsustainable business practices. Watch video

  • 22 June 2012 | |

    A step forward in the right direction

    Public participation at the UN negotiations

    Lawyer Gita Parihar, of Friends of the Earth England, Whales and Northern Ireland, highlights that the UN negotiations on sustainable development taking place in Rio, Brazil, have taken a 'step forward' to ensure public participation in these processes. Read more

  • 21 June 2012 | |

    The Solution to All Problems?

    New technologies: advances and caution at the UN negotiation

    International organization ETC Group highlighted that the UN negotiations on sustainable development taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recognized that new technologies should be assessed in order to avoid negative impacts on health, environment and biodiversity. Watch video

  • 21 June 2012 | |

    Resisting the Attacks of Agribusiness

    La Via Campesina mobilization in Brazil

    La Via Campesina Brazil carried out on June 21st a mobilization to the offices of one of the most important representatives of agribusiness in Brazil: the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA). Over two thousand demonstrators took the streets of Rio, from Plaza Candelaria to the CNA offices. There, the demonstrators decided to enter the building in a peaceful way and were repressed by the police. They had to be seen by a medical team of the mobilization. See gallery

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