2013 Special Broadcasts / National Peace Congress in Colombia

A National Peace Congress will be held in Bogota, Colombia from April 19-22. The event is called by the Peoples’ Congress and a big coalition of social movements and organizations. The initiative aims to come up with a collective peace proposal that includes converging local and regional social views and initiatives. It aims to build a social agenda focused on important community issues, such as the strengthening of a social movement for peace from the grassroots and doing advocacy work at a regional and national level.

Real World Radio is doing a special coverage of the lead-up to the National Peace Congress in Colombia, which comprises different regional congresses. It is widely known that Colombia has suffered a social and armed conflict for over 50 years. Today, there are many different peace-building proposals that understand peace as a permanent process involving all the sectors of Colombia, including social movements and organizations, as an alternative to the bilateral talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and Juan Manuel Santos’s administration, which are mainly focused on the armed conflict.

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