2012 Special Broadcasts / International Conference - El Salvador

International Conference Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements
El Salvador, November 5-6, 2012
Friends of the Earth International, through CESTA-Friends of the Earth El Salvador, is organizing an International Conference with grassroots organizations, communities and movements of the Mesoamerican region to share knowledge and work experiences around the defense of territories, the building of sovereignty and survival practices against socio-environmental problems and inadequate measures promoted by the economic forces of the region, which violate the rights of the population and are the drivers of land grabbing. With over 500 delegates from 77 countries, this conference aims to coordinate strategies and global struggle agendas, and also to make the cases of resistance against transnational corporations in Mesoamerica visible. Real World Radio will be present in El Salvador covering the Conference and its repercussions.

The Conference is called by several social and environmental networks of Mesoamerica, especially the Movement of Victims and People Affected by Climate Change and Megaprojects: MOVIAC

  • 10 October 2012 | |

    We Want a Radical Change

    Francisco Pineda, member of MOVIAC El Salvador, Talks About the International Conference on “Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements”

    When the Movement of Victims and People Affected by Climate Change (MOVIAC) was created in 2008, its aim to put climate change in the political agenda from the perspective of the victims and people affected, was key. Read more

  • 4 October 2012 | |

    Victims as Leaders

    Movements Get Ready for International Conference on “Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements” in El Salvador

    The International Conference “Climate Change, Territories and Social Movements” will take place on November 5 and 6 in El Salvador. The event has been long awaited by the calling organizations, but the main participants will be the communities that resist the extractive model and the climate crisis. Read more

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