2011 Special Broadcasts / Conference against land grabbing in Mali

The international conference to denounce and resist land grabbing will take place in Mali, from November 17-19, 2011, organized by La Via Campesina and international allies. The event will gather over 200 peasants affected by land grabbing, in addition to researchers, policy-makers and non-governmental organizations that oppose the unprecedented land grabbing that is being carried out, among others, by large companies and investment funds, violating the rights of peasants and rural communities. Real World Radio will cover the event with testimonies and interviews in coordination with the team of communicators of La Vía Campesina International.

  • 21 November 2011 | | |

    Action Time

    Interview with Thomas Ouana, from Mali against land grabbing

    The International Peasant Conference taking place in Mali against land grabbing aims to build a concrete action plan to stop this phenomenon, said Thomas Ouana, from the National Union of Mozambican Peasant Farmers (UNAC) in an interview with Real World Radio. Read more

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