2010 Special Broadcasts / COP 16

United Nations Climate Change Conference
November 29 to December 10. Cancun, Mexico

  • 14 December 2010 | |

    Loud Cochabamba

    Organizations defend Peoples´ Agreement on Climate Change

    “We are in Cancun to defend the Cochabamba agreement. The perspective, the analysis, the alternatives and the demands that came out the Cochabamba summit really reflect very well the view of our organization and many of our allies and friends”. Read more

  • 13 December 2010 | |

    Black Smoke

    Climate talks end with dangerous results for humankind

    On Saturday, at 3:07 am, the Mexican Chair of the COP Patricia Espinosa, passed the text which came out as a result of the Kyoto Protocol working group of the official climate negotiations in Cancun. The text was approved by Espinosa, even though Bolivia had made clear that they didn´t support the document, and therefore there was no consensus, a criterion that must be followed by the UN negotiations. Read more

  • 13 December 2010 | |

    Thousands of Cochabambas

    Final Declaration of La Via Campesina in Cancun

    Before the end of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP16), the international grassroots movement La Via Campesina issued a final declaration to close the mobilizations and actions carried out in Cancun, Mexico, to demand environmental justice and respect to Mother Earth. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    Earth Calling Moon

    UN climate talks: The moment of truth is near

    Nnimmo Bassey, Chair of Friends of the Earth International, said on Friday to the countries present at the Climate COP in Cancun that they will be responsible for bringing hope to the world or destroying it, in a brief speech to the plenary session at the Moon Palace, the hotel where the climate negotiations are being held and that will come to an end today. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    Many Voices - One Message

    Impacts and alternatives to climate change presented in Costa Rica by social movements

    Climate change needs to be tackled with democratic and participatory solutions to set the responsibilities of capitalism and the current development model, and not through agreements achieved by powerful countries which exclude the proposals of the civil society. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    Neo-Socialism for the Earth

    Evo Morales meets with social movements in Cancun

    Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived on Thursday to Cancun, where the UN Climate Change Convention is taking place, and participated in a public event organized by La Via Campesina at the Global Forum on Environmental and Social Justice. Morales made reference to the need of a “neo-socialism that saves the planet”. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    Outside, Please

    Widespread rejection to World Bank and its attempts to control climate finance

    The international campaign called “World Bank Out of Climate” was launched on Wednesday, in Cancun, Mexico, where the UN COP16 on Climate Change is taking place. Over 200 social organizations signed a public letter demanding the governments present at the COP to create a Global Climate Fund under the authority of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    In the Dock

    Plans to create Climate Justice Tribunal

    This year, 350.000 people lost their lives due to climate-related disasters, and from 2030 on, this number will reach 1 million people per year. However, the people responsible for these crimes, who can be referred to as genocides, are still unpunished. Read more

  • 10 December 2010 | |

    Defending Forests

    Interview with Anne Petermann, from the Global Justice Ecology Project

    Petermann said that the main concern of the coalition is related to the situation of forests, since every year at the climate conventions the situation becomes more serious as they want not only to use forests for storing carbon but also to increase the demand for wood. Read more

  • 9 December 2010 | |

    Our Voices

    Thousands of people take to the streets in Cancun to demand real solutions to climate change

    The demands to respect what was established in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in the Peoples´ Agreement, and the demands to avoid the commodification of climate change solutions, were voiced by thousands of people on Tuesday, in the Peasant, Indigenous and Social March called by La Via Campesina. Read more

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