2009 Special Broadcasts / COP 15

Copenhague. 7 al 18 de diciembre 2009

  • 7 January 2010 | |

    Carbon markets everywhere

    Interview with Simone Lovera, from Sobrevivencia – Friends of the Earth Paraguay

    The technical jargon used in the UN COP 15 on Climate Change in Copenhagen is a stratagem to prevent people from understanding what is being discussed, Simone Lovera from Sobrevivencia - Friends of the Earth Paraguay, told Real World Radio. Read more

  • 6 January 2010 | |

    Water is untouchable

    Interview with Adriana Marquisio, Uruguayan activist in defense of water.

    Water management was not an issue dealt with inside the COP 15 talks on Climate Change in Copenhagen. This is especially worrying for the social movements and organizations working globally for the human right to water. Read more

  • 18 December 2009 | |

    You Are to Blame

    Paraguay and Bolivia at the COP 15 on Climate Change

    With several actions and activities, the Klimaforum comes to an end in Copenhagen. The Klimaforum gathered social movements and organizations from all continents to make their voices be heard at the official negotiations of the UN COP 15 on Climate Change. Read more

  • 18 December 2009 | |


    Interview with Karen Orenstein, from Friends of the Earth United States

    US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced on Thursday that the country will join the fund of 100 billion dollars a year from 2020 to developing countries if there is an agreement in Copenhagen, although she didn´t say how much they will contribute with, or how much of that money will be publically or privately sourced. Read more

  • 18 December 2009 | |

    Nothing New Under the Sun

    Interview with Sonja Meister, from Friends of the Earth Europe

    The European Union came to the COP 15 on Climate Change in Copenhagen with nothing new to offer, and their old agreements are not enough to be in line with science and climate justice, stated Sonja Meister, member of Friends of the Earth Europe. Read more

  • 17 December 2009 | |

    More and More Violence

    Violent police repression against demonstrations for climate justice in Copenhagen

    “The brutal tactics of the Danish police have casted a dark shadow on the international climate negotiations. Friends of the Earth International calls the Danish authorities to respect the right to protest and investigate the treatment given to peaceful demonstrators.” Read more

  • 17 December 2009 | | |

    Rising Voices - 27th Edition

    On this week's show we had a live contact with our correspondent in Copenhagen. He told us about the situation of the negotiations in the UN COP 15 on Climate Change and the brutal police repression in the demonstrations of the civil society. We interviewed Ronnie Hall, from the Global Forest Coalition, who is also in Copenhagen. She explained the links between trade an climate change. And finally we talked about the Flood, where nearly 100.000 people marched for climate justice on Saturday. Read more

  • 16 December 2009 | |

    Action for Agriculture

    Interview with Josie Riffaud, member of Via Campesina France

    On Tuesday, several activities took place in Copenhagen in the framework of the Agriculture Action Day, parallel to the official negotiations of the COP 15 on Climate Change in the Danish capital city. Their aim was to raise awareness on the links between climate change and agriculture, and demand climate justice and food sovereignty. Read more

  • 16 December 2009 | |

    Dirty Negotiation

    African and ALBA countries state their demands at the COP 15 on Climate Change

    The African Group that is participating in the COP 15 on Climate Change in Copenhagen accused industrialized countries of wanting to kill the Kyoto Protocol, and withdrew from the negotiations. This put the official summit at a standstill for several hours. African representatives made clear that their aim was not to boycott the COP, but to show their dissatisfaction with the attitude of the rich countries and to highlight the importance of the Kyoto Protocol for Africa. Read more

  • 15 December 2009 | |

    Don’t tell me it’s cold

    The fight for climate justice “flooded” Copenhagen

    In an unbearable cold weather and the first time the sun shined in Copenhagen since the COP 15 on Climate Change began, nearly 100,000 people marched on Saturday from the Parliament Square to the area of the Bella Center Hotel, where the official negotiations are taking place, to demand “Climate Justice Now”. Read more

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