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21 September 2010 | |

Against a monofuture

Interview with Lucia Ortiz, coordinator at NAT/Friends of the Earth Brazil

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With several actions in Porto Alegre, Brazil, demonstrators from different Latin American countries celebrated the International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations, and closed this way, the 4th edition of the Sustainability School organized by environmentalist federation Friends of the Earth.

Lucia Ortiz, coordinator at NAT/Friends of the Earth Brazil, said in an interview with Real World Radio that the demonstrators were demanding the end to tree monocultures (such eucalyptus and pines), demanding as well that territories be released from the homogenizing imposition of capital interests.

This is why, the activists also protested against the advance of dams and the mining industry, that among other things are threatening with the displacement of communities from their lands.

“ ´Monoculture´ is not only linked to tree plantations, but to other commodities for export , which implies that huge corporations are imposed on territories, homogenizing and destroying the different lifestyles of the people”, said Ortiz.

Photo: Radio Mundo Real

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