2013 Special Broadcasts / 9th Meeting of the World March of Women

From August 25 to 31, 2013, over 1,600 feminist activists from around the world will meet in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the 9th International Meeting of the World March Women (WMW). The meeting aims to strengthen women’s organization, as well as to come up with strategies to build feminism based on local processes, but also linked with international anti-capitalist social movements.
Real World Radio will cover the meeting on the ground, together with the social movements’ communications convergence.
For more information about the event, please visit the latest WMW’s newsletter.

  • 12 September 2013 | |

    A Determined Movement

    International Meeting of the WMW comes to an end: Thousands of women take to the streets and Africa will host the new international secretariat

    The last day of the International Meeting of the World March of Women (WMW) was intense. In the morning, the groups that were working on crucial issues such as anti-racism, lesbian visibility, communications and counter-hegemonic culture, international solidarity, among others, shared their debates and conclusions with the Plenary. In the afternoon, approximately four thousand women marched under the slogan “Feminism to Change the World”, closing the day with an event at Plaza de la Republica. Read more

  • 2 September 2013 | |

    “Green” Attempts to Perpetrate Capitalism

    Feminism and Enviromentalism: The Advance of Big Corporations in Women’s Territories and Lives

    The group of feminist activists that participated in the 9th International Meeting of the WMW held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, included guests from other movements and organizations who were invited to share their experiences and knowledge. Karin Nansen, member of the Executive Committee of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) and REDES-FoE Uruguay was one of the speakers of the panel “Women in the struggle against the commodification of nature”. Read more

  • 30 August 2013 | |

    “Without land, there is nothing”

    The Long Struggle of Saharawi Women for Self-determination at the International Meeting of the WMW

    The self-determination of the Western Sahara introduced by the Saharawi women at the International Meeting of the World March of Women in Sao Paulo, Brazil, could be the main theme of the movement’s next international meeting. Real World Radio interviewed one of its delegates. Read more

  • 29 August 2013 | |

    Without Feminism there is No Socialism

    Conference Shows Alternatives Built by Feminist Movement Around the World. The Cuban Example

    The second day of activities of the 9th International Meeting of the World March of Women began with a conference called “Feminism and the Building of Alternatives”. Feminist activists from around the world spoke during the event and shared their local and regional experiences. Read more

  • 28 August 2013 | |

    Resisting the Conservative Wave

    Interview with Miriam Nobre, Coordinator of the International Secretariat of the WMW

    The first international delegations of nearly 50 countries, plus representatives of Brazil, began to arrive in Sao Paulo on Monday to participate in the 9th International Meeting of the World March of Women. Read more

  • 13 August 2013 | |

    Grassroots, Anti-Capitalist Feminism

    World March of Women’s International Meeting To Be Held in Brazil

    Brazilian activists of the World March of Women (WMW) are getting everything ready for their 9th International Meeting to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from August 25 to 31. Unlike previous international meetings, over 1,600 women are invited to participate and 10,000 will attend the final march on August 31. Read more

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