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27 February 2014 | | | |

Strong Uruguayan support to Venezuelan government led by Nicolas Maduro

The Uruguayan workers union, PIT-CNT, held on Wednesday in Montevideo´s downtown, an event in support to the democratically elected Venezuelan government led by Nicolas Maduro against the coup attempts by the Venezuelan right wing with US support.

In addition to PIT-CNT, Frente Amplio –the party in office, the Federation of University Students of Uruguay, the Uruguayan Federation of Housing Cooperatives and the Permanent Table for Human Rights and against Impunity called on the activity.

The person in charge of reading the union´s declaration was leader Jorge Bermudez, who always supported the Bolivarian revolution process began by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He encouraged Latin America integration, which was strongly promoted by Chavez, and thanked the South American country for the continuous solidarity with the Uruguayan people.

Julio Chirino, Venezuelan ambassador to Uruguay, was present in the demonstration, together with other Venezuelan representatives.

Bermudez highlighted, among other things, the call for a peace dialogue by Nicolas Maduro in response to the current situation, which the right wing immediately tried to boycott, according to Bermudez. The Venezuelan oligarchy does not accept the peace called for by Maduro, because then people will discover “the truth about who brought the “phantom of death””. Several people have died in the demonstrations in Venezuela. “When the truth is known, those who are now paid by the CIA, who have encouraged young people with the same recipe of 2001 with the coup against President Chavez, will be there”, said the union leader.

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