2011 Special Broadcasts / 40th Anniversary Friend of the Earth International

  • 22 June 2011 | |

    A Global Struggle

    Meena Raman, of Friends of the Earth Malaysia: “if we want to have any change, we have to work at global level”

    “Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is a very powerful movement actually, because it is all over the world, it is a global movement. We, Friends of the Earth Malaysia, from the very beginning have realized that you cannot just concentrate on local or national issues, because many of our problems stem from international structural causes”, said Meena Raman, from Friends of the Earth Malaysia in this interview held for the 40th anniversary of Friends of the Earth International. Read more

  • 22 June 2011 | |


    Friends of the Earth Japan and the challenges of sustainability

    Friends of the Earth Japan has been a member of the environmentalist federation since its creation, thirty years ago. During these three decades, the organization has carried out many different struggles, summarized by FoE Japan Executive Director, Junichi Mishiba in this interview. Read more

  • 21 June 2011 | |

    Energy Work

    GroundWork South Africa and their struggle for energy sovereignty

    As part of the 40th anniversary of Friends of the Earth International, Bobby Peek, member of the South African environmental group Groundwork – Friends of the Earth South Africa, talked to Real World Radio about the role of this organization in his country, in the continent and in Friends of the Earth International. Read more

  • 16 June 2011 | |

    Green Numbers

    Friends of the Earth US: forty years exposing the impacts of economy on the environment

    Friends of the Earth US has a long history in the analysis of economic factors that cause environmental degradation in the world, the study of the impacts of projects carried out by development banks, in addition to trade agreements. Also, the organization has been analyzing the climate crisis, which according to Kate Horner, is the result of detrimental economic practices. Read more

  • 16 June 2011 | |

    Four Decades of Engagement

    Friends of the Earth in the UK: a historic struggle

    The work of the FoE group in the UK has been focused on the fight against climate change, the rejection to false solutions such as agrofuels and carbon markets, towards sustainable agriculture in countries all over the world. Read more

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