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Attacks against the “Paulo Freire” Latin American Agroecological University Institute in Venezuela before Constituent Assembly elections

The fascist onslaught in Venzuela has targeted a symbol of the Latin American integration process and food sovereignty such as the Latin American Agroecological University Institute (IALA) “Paulo Freire”, a project of La Vía Campesina and Venezuela to build the capacities of young people throughout the country and the continent on agroecology.

The member of the Political-Pedagogical Commission of “IALA Paulo Freire”, José Luis Rivas, was interviewed by Real World Radio about the attack suffered by the institution on July 28, a date which also commemorated Hugo Chávez Frías birth anniversary, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution. “IALA represents a political-pedagogical project aiming to advance towards a different kind of university”, hence the violence against it, said José Luis.

As part of the wave of violence these past days, a community radio in Comuna Ataroa, community TV station Montaña TV and the territory of the International Brigade of the Landless Workers Movement were also attacked. None of the attacks were claimed by a specific group, but they all took place in the framework of the violent harassment deployed by the right-wing throughout the country.

José Luis insists on the fact that the IALA is constantly targeted and added that fortunately only a few of its 61 students were on the premises due to being a holiday period. The institute uses an alternation methodology, where students divide their time between classes and community work.

The member of the Political-Pedagogical Commission said the attacks against IALA were part of the “siege and suffocate” strategy used against the Boliviarian Revolution and the democratization and wealth distribution process it is carrying out. “Agroecology is our tool to defeat agribusiness and ecobusiness”, said the Venezuelan teacher in the interview.

Below you can find some images of IALA provided by José Luis to Real World Radio.

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