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28 de junio de 2017 | | | | | | |

Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism meets in Montevideo, Uruguay

The Montevideo Meeting will take place on November 16-18 in this Uruguayan city, in the framework of the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, which gathers since 2015 the most representative social forces of the Americas. The Meeting was launched on Tuesday in Montevideo.

This was carried out as part of an event at the headquarters of the central union of Uruguay, PIT-CNT, to mark the 44th anniversary of the start of the General Strike against the Dictatorship in the country. Eduardo Platero of the National Workers Union back then; Marcelo Abdala, current PIT-CNT Secretary General and Amanda Villatoro, Union Policy and Education Secretary of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) took the floor.

Real World Radio shares a photo gallery of the event, with photos by Mayra Castro of TUCA and the Communications Team of the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

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