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Chair of Friends of the Earth International at Continental Day for Democracy launch event

"We will not allow power to silence the voices of the movement and the popular classes, or to defeat, persecute and repress the struggles carried out in defense of sovereignty", said the Chair of environmental federation Friends of the Earth International, Karin Nansen.

"We´ve decided to exercise our right to define and build our own political project, of integration from and for the people, based on social and environmental justice and with a feminist perspective", she added, at the official launching of the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism 2017, on May 3rd in Santandercito, Colombia.

Nansen, also representative of Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC) invited social movements of the continent to join the process of this year´s continental day, which will have its strongest moment in Montevideo, Uruguay, from November 16-18.

The World March of Women, the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations (CLOC-Via Campesina) and the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas are just some of the most important popular movements that are part of the Continental Day process since the end of 2015.

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