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Historic step: new French law demands corporate respect for human rights and the environment

On Tuesday, the French Parliament passed a law that establishes a duty of care obligation for parent and subcontracting companies across the whole supply chain, covering human rights violations and environmental damage caused.

Nevertheless, right-wing lawmakers have already submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Council to deem the law unconstitutional.

France became the first country in adopting a law that recognizes the “duty of care” of parent companies of transnational corporations aiming to prevent and remedy human rights violations and environmental damage their activities could cause, including those of their subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers in any part of the world.

This is what Corporate accountability campaigner for Friends of the Earth France and campaign coordinator Juliette Renaud said in an interview with Real World Radio. This comes after years of mobilization by French social organizations and unions. But there wasn´t much time for celebration and rest, for now it is necessary to stop the right-wing attempts for the Constitutional Council to repeal the law.

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