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World March of Women present in Biennial General Meeting of Friends of the Earth International

“The World March of Women is an international movement that connects lots of grassroots women, movements and organizations working to eliminate poverty and violence against women. And for us being in this space is really critical, because we are living in a very critical time, where there is a lot of discrimination, where we are looking the patriarchy as a system that is feeding into all the other systems, Capitalism and Neocolonialism, that we are also struggling to break”.

Those were the words expressed to the microphones of Real World Radio by activist Sophie Ogutu, with the World March of Women (WMW) Kenya, during the Biennial General Meeting (BGM) of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), which took place in the Indonesian regency of South Lampung, province of Lampung, from November 28 to December 2.

The WMW was especially invited to the FoEI conference, together with Vía Campesina Internacional, which was represented by the former general coordinator of this campesino movement, Indonesian Henry Saragih.

Sophie discussed her experience at the BGM, the WMW-FoEI alliance and plans for 2017.

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