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Campaign by COPINH to strengthen Communications

"Communication is a tool for capacity-building, it allows us to have a wide reach and it provides us with diversity to create new things adapted to our reality, for instance, with community radios, because many people in our region can´t read or write and the radio is key. This is why we continue in our efforts to strengthen the radio, an essential part of the political process of COPINH".

With these words by Berta Cáceres, the general coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) who was murdered on March 2nd, this organization is launching a campaign to strengthen their Communications area, "in response to the constant repression and attacks by the Honduran state and national/transnational companies".

"Our first line of defense of the Mother Earth and our rights as indigineous people is THE WORD. Through COPINH Radios we inform, multiply, organize and raise awareness on the population to move forward and join efforts for the defense of the environment and the territorial rights of native peoples", states a press release issued by the organization. "By exercizing our right to freedom of speech and the right to access and produce information, we defend life and Mother Earth against the destruction and threats by economic interests and looting policies. That is why we will continue raising and strengthening our voices", they conclude.

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