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Harmful coal project “Plomin C” stopped in Croatia: interview with Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Croatia, Bernard Ivcic

Croatian Minister of Economy, Tomislav Panenić, announced that the project to build coal power plant “Plomin C”, which was under a temporary ban, has been stopped.

“Plomin C” was going to be the third unit of the Plomin Power Station, located near town Plomin, on Istria peninsula. “After five years of campaigning against the construction of the harmful coal power plant ’Plomin C’, we achieved a big victory!”, stated Friends of the Earth Croatia on a press release on June 15th, two days after the Government announcement.

“In the campaign we have been extensively indicating the harmful environmental and health consequences, low economic feasibility and the negative impact of this project in terms of climate change, as well as incompatibility with EU’s regulations, constantly advocating for the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency”, added the press release.

Friends of the Earth Croatia highlights the numerous actions carried out during the campaiign against “Plomin C” as well as all the legal work, the referendum in which 94 per cent of the local population rejected the coal plant, and the coordinated international work with Friends of the Earth France and CENSAT Agua Viva – Friends of the Earth Colombia.

Real World Radio interviewed the Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Croatia and coordinator of the campaing against the coal power plant, Bernard Ivcic.

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