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Argentina: MOCASE prevented violent eviction of seven peasant families - the Canido family and their company Manaos are to blame

A large group of police officers attempted to evict seven families of the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero Province (MOCASE - Via Campesina) of Argentina, in Bajo Hondo community, Moreno department. The quick moves by MOCASE managed to prevent the violent extraction of the peasants from the lands they have been inhabiting for thousands of years.

According to a press release issued by MOCASE, the eviction attempt was promoted by the Canido family, led by businessman Orlando Canido, who is "closely linked" to former Argentinian president Amado Boudou and owner of soda company Manaos. The family of the businessman disregarded, according to MOCASE, the spaces of negotiation and dialogue related to this land conflict. The lands have been already officially recognized as belonging to the peasants.

Nevertheless, Judge María Lucrecia Martínez Llanos issued an eviction warrant, which was enforced with violence, denounced MOCASE, even though at the time of the operation there were only women and children present. The belongings of the families were thrown to the road, but the quick action by the organized peasants managed to prevent the eviction.

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