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The COP21 Victory Lies with the People

Real World Radio has interviewed Lucy Cadena, Co-Coordinator of the Climate Justice and Energy Programme with Friends of the Earth International, to discuss her perspective of the two weeks surrounding the COP21 and adjacent activities. According to Cadena, it is no surprise that the climate agreement was a failure. The real aim was for political leaders to see that they need to catch up with the people who have been leading this global [climate] transformation for decades.

The COP21 attracted thousands of citizens from all over the world, who took to the streets to have their voices heard for more action to combat the climate crisis and for justice to be provided for communities impacted by climate change. As stated by Cadena, the streets of Paris are where the victory was achieved, not amongst political leaders in the UN halls that were congratulating themselves. 

On December 11th, a People’s Power Assembly was held, which attracted over 2000 people, including a majority of Friends of the Earth International members. Cadena explains her strong feelings of solidarity and sense of community experienced at the event, in which she claims it is ‘the heart of the movement that proves we are much stronger than we think we are.’

Friends of the Earth International and its allies will continue their work in strengthening themselves, in acting in solidarity and connecting the struggles of those impacted by climate change. The resistance will continue to end destructive projects and a powerful mandate will be provided for governments to be more accountable and to bring the changes that people are rallying for.

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