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11 de diciembre de 2015 | | | |

Friends of the Earth International reaffirms people power in Paris

Approximately 2000 people participated on Friday in Paris, France, in the “People Power Action Assembly” organized by environmental federation Friends of the Earth International on the day the official UN talks on climate change were supposed to come to an end, which they finally didn`t.

Friends of the Earth`s activists from the five continents and several dozen countries met yesterday with representatives of numerous social movements to celebrate the strength of the peoples and reaffirm the need to be united in the struggle for climate justice.

In several workshops and at a closing activity that lasted two hours, the participants of the “People Power Action Assembly” shared experiences and ideas, learned about the struggles taking place in the different continents and prepared for the various actions that will be held in Paris streets this Saturday.

Representatives of the environmental federation from different regions spoke at the closing activity and then there was a celebration. The Transnational Institute of the Netherlands and Real World Radio share below a video of the activity where the people interviewed assess the assembly and FoEI`s work in Paris. Speakers: Jagoda Munic (Chair of Friends of the Earth International), Magda Stoczkiewicz (Friends of the Earth Europe), Rita Uwaka (Friends of the Earth Nigeria) and Erich Pica (Friends of the Earth United States).

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