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3 de diciembre de 2015 | | | | | |

The need for system change

Friends of the Earth International´s Chair, Jagoda Munic, said in Paris that in order to face climate change it is necessary to tackle the root causes of this crisis and “that means a change of the economic system too”.

It is necessary to tackle polluting sectors such as industrial agriculture, transport and energy, stated Munic, but a "systemic change" is needed, she highlighted. .

FoEI´s Chair set as an example one of the federation´s member groups to illustrate her point of view: “Friends of the Earth Indonesia is working on exposing the cause of forest fires in Indonesia, which is a big source of air pollution at the moment, but also shows the problem of how this has to be approached from a systemic perspective”, she said. “We need systemic change because there is a lot of pressure by corporations for land use changes and to make big plantations for palm oil in Indonesia that are destructing the forests. So it’s not only a problem of climate change. It’s a problem of biodiversity, a problem of survival of communities, and food sovereingty of people in Indonesia”.

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