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Project supports community-led resilience processes

The Community Conservation Resilience Initiative, a project promoted since 2013 by the Global Forest Coalition to be implemented in 20 countries and at least 60 communities, has as its main goal to sustain and strengthen the resilience of community conservation practices, including conserved territories and areas (ICCAs), in light of existing or potential external and internal threats.

The initiative was established by an informal alliance of national and international Indigenous Peoples’ organisations, non-governmental organisations and social movements that shared a joint belief in community governance and rights-based approaches to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation and restoration.

The Draft Methodology of the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative of December 2013, says: “The main objective is to perform a bottom-up assessment of the resilience of Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ initiatives and approaches to conservation and restoration and the legal, political, socio-economic, financial, technical, and capacity-building support that could assist in sustaining and strengthening such initiatives and approaches”.

Some time after the initiative was implemented in several countries, Real World Radio interviewed activist David Kureeba, Project Officer on Forests and Biodiversity of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE – Friends of the Earth Uganda), to know more about the project and especially its development in Uganda.

Kureeba is also the coordinator of Forests and Biodiversity of Friends of the Earth groups in Africa and the focal person for the Global Forest Coalition member groups in the continent.

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