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Seeds: a political issue

Interview with Patricia Martins, of BIONATUR, agroecological seed cooperative

Native seeds —their conservation, protection, use and improvement— are a political as well as a biological issue, that is essential for the autonomy of farmers.

This is what Patricia Martins, member of Bionatur of Rio Grande do Sul (RGS), Brazil, said in an interview with Real World Radio.

"We are witnessing the contradictions of the agricultural production model, even within the Bionatur seed production network in the RGS region where we live, as seen in a recent round of meetings where farmers have denounced the presence of pests that migrate from GM soy plantations to our biodiverse farms", said the agroecological activist and technician.

Bionatur is part of the network of organizations of the Landless Rural Workers Movement of BRazil.

"This is based on a political choice made by the agricultural sector in Brazil that generates contradictions that hinder other production models", said Patricia.

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