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11 de diciembre de 2014 | | |

To the Streets: Massive march in Lima in Defense of Mother Earth

On its third day, the People´ Summit against Climate Change took to the streets in Lima to demand climate justice and defend the rights of the peoples and the Commons. Over ten thousand people from Peru and different parts of the world, from environmental, women, student, union and peasant groups marched from Campo de Marte to San Martin Square in Lima with different slogans, chants and music (see photo gallery below).

When arriving to San Martin Square, the representatives of social movements and organizations from different countries and continents highlighted the strength of the mobilization and the unity achieved to make this Peoples´ Summit against Climate Change happen.

Diego Monton, Argentinian peasant leader and member of the Operative Secretariat of the Latin American Coordination of Countryside Organizations, made reference to Latin American unity: “we are all gathered here in a legendary square, San Martin´s Square, who over 200 years ago, together with Simon Bolivar, also built the Latin American unity to free us from Spanish imperialism”.

In terms of the current UN talks on Climate Change, Monton said: “we came here to say that we didn´t have many expectations from this COP 20, because we know that these powerful governments do not respond to the people. They respond to banks and corporations. We didn´t come to ask anything from these men who hide to make non-transparent agreements”.

Meanwhile, the international coordinator of the World March of Women, Graça Samo of Mozambique, highlighted that the so-called false solutions have a strong impact on women: “In all solutions proposed by capitalism to save financial capital, the price is paid by women, because of the control over their bodies and territories. The plundering of our territories, livelihoods, water, forests and seas is increasingly visible”.

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