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Voices of dissent: Japan under scrutiny

Real World Radio interviewed Julian Velez, of Earth in Brackets, during the action carried out on Wednesday where several social organisations expressed their opposition against Japan considering the funds for a coal plant in Indonesia as climate finance. The activist of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice also called to stop the development of dirty energy immediately.

The news that Japan funded the “Cirebon” coal plant in Indonesia with climate finance money, arguing that the plant uses a more expensive new technology that is less polluting and that couldn´t have been afforded by Indonesia, was unexpected. Tthe population living near the plant has complained over this, and Friends of the Earth Indonesia has carried out campaigns against the plant. It still is a coal plant, one of the most polluting power generation methods.

At the end of today´s demonstration, which was covered by several communication media present at the Lima COP, Real World Radio interviewed activist Yuri Onodera, of friends of the Earth Japan, so that he explained the decision made by Japan´s government. We also talked to ERA-Friends of the Earth Nigeria´s Chair, Godwin Ojo, who participated in the action and was critical of the use of dirty energy.

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