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27 de julio de 2018 |

Voices are Action

It´s Real World Radio´s 15th anniversary and we are celebrating it by making some changes

On July 30th we will launch a new website with more digital security. Because more digital security means more technlogical sovereignty for the people.

Real World Radio (RWR) services social movements around the world as part of the communications of Friends of the Earth International. Created in 2003, RWR is based in REDES – Friends of the Earth Uruguay offices in Montevideo.

RWR produces information in Spanish and English with a popular environmental approach. It focuses on the struggles of peasant movements, indigenous organizations, women’s groups, unions, environmentalists and fisherfolk, among others. They are the protagonists of our news and interviews. And they´ll have a new space to tell their stories.

Starting July 30. #VoicesAreAction

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