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From Uganda to Norway

New experiences of the Erasmus+ Project of Friends of the Earth International for the strengthening of activism for environmental justice

At the end of October and beginning of November, young environmental activist Precious Naturinda, member of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) – Friends of the Earth Uganda, visited Norway to work for several days with her colleagues at Young Friends of the Earth Norway.

This was done in the framework of the Erasmus+ Project that Friends of the Earth International is carrying out with young activists from Friends of the Earth Africa and Friends of the Europe groups, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, strengthen capacity building, participation and the joint work between the two regions.

Precious is also a journalist at Community Green Radio of NAPE ( According to its website, the Community Green radio “is an offshoot of the Sustainability School programme. The radio is aimed at amplifying the voices of the local communities in the eco-sensitive Bunyoro Region to effectively participate in natural resource management processes”.

Precious shared with Real World Radio a complete report of her experience in Norway, the activities that took place there, her views and learnings and the work carried out by NAPE and the Community Green Radio in Uganda.

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