• Social Movements Organize Energy Debates in Brazil

    Less than two months ahead of the Brazilian presidential elections, social movements of the Workers and Peasants Energy Platform are organizing seminars in different regions of Brazil to discuss the country’s energy model.
  • No More Excuses: Agrarian Summit Demands Colombian Government to Honor Pledges

    A new rural mobilization is building up in Colombia by the organizations that make up the Agrarian Summit, as the result of the Santos’ administration’s failure to comply with the agreements reached.
  • Uruguayan Neighbors Demand to Declare Their Area Free of Agrotoxics

    The neighbors of Villa Ituzaingo issued an alert after they confirmed the death of fish, bees, trees and harvests in the area as a result of the spraying of a soy plantation less than 300 meters (the legal limit to do so) from their town. The neighbors are also reporting the impact of the spraying on grain plantations, such as the development of allergies and breathing problems of the local (...)
  • EU Asked to Disclose Information on TTIP Talks

    European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, opened two investigations on July 31st targeting the European Commission and the European Council, calling for greater transparency around the ongoing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.
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